Thank You Mr Palmer

Dear Clive Palmer,

A free Australia is a dream I share with you, Mr Palmer. Like your mum? And like my forebears, my father “Rick” Fox, and my grandfathers, Professor A. C. Fox and Presbyterian Moderator-General, the Right Reverend J. R. Blanchard.

Because of you, I know that Rebekah Spelman can animate this nation with her passion for truth. She has the guts to call out the stupidity of a corrupt tired government. From Ned Kelly to all the freedom fighters of today, that’s what dinky-di Australians do.

Because of you, I know that Adam La Rosa understands both whats important in our history and for our modern political culture.

Because of you, I know that Anthony Bellve is a magnificent voice for concerns that stretch right across this land.

Because of you I know that Juanita Paterson is a pure Christian spirit not afraid to proclaim her faith in God which she found by standing up for freedom.

Juanita Paterson who found Jesus at Melbourne’s Freedom protests.

When you put your faith in wonderful young Australians like these, Mr Palmer, you show that you are fair dinkum about building a better Australia based on freedom, not the bankrupt and bankrupting corruption and stupidity at all levels of government in this country now.

So on this day, your birthday, I launch in your direction my idea of a Fair Dinkum Freedom Foundation with this modest website.

I live in fear now a few kilometers from the abandoned historic ammunitions factory in Footscray where your your mum worked in 1940.

What did she tell you about that place?

What did she teach you by her example or by her words about the lessons all Australians should have learnt from World War Two?

When I tried to celebrate democracy, freedom and human rights in Maribyrnong in 2016 through the Australian Labor Party, Daniel Andrews’ police state trashed my human rights in ways that have hurt me to the bottom of my soul.

I do not have the resources to make this website’s dream of a Fair Dinkum Freedom Foundation all that it could be.

Is there anything in you, from the spirit of your mum, that could prompt you to help me with what I know from the spirit of my dad ?

After the dark, there will be light.

Lest We Forget

Geoff Fox, 26th March, 2022, Down Under

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